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Vorkosigan, Results Beyond Hope

Beautiful Temari on Help_Japan

Ereka (song_of_truth) is an American studying abroad in Japan's Iwate Prefecture, which is in her words, "one of the hardest hit by...everything."  Her home university (or really, her study abroad travel insurance company) ordered her home, but she's decided to defy the order and stay anyway.  And while it'd be really easy and understandable for her to be selfish at this time, she's instead doing everything she can to help.  This includes putting up offerings on help_japan . 

Ereka is offering to make two temari for the top two bidders.  Temari balls are a traditional form of Japanese embroidery.  She made me one as a holiday gift once, and it is absolutely beautiful.  Look:


If you would like a temari as well, go bid for one on help_japan !