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Bookstore, Shiny Bookstore


What are the books in libraries and bookstores doing when you turn out the lights? Why, this, of course!

In other book-related news, I started my first class for my Masters of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University! I'll actually be taking three this semester, but the first is just a one credit course called Online Social Networking that you can start before the official start of the semester. I've actually started another blog as part of that class, Adventures in Library Science, in which I hope to record different thoughts related to my coursework and libraries as a whole. Of course, given my track record with blogs, we'll see if this one actually lasts!


Brilliant! And I love your icon too. That's totally me. :)
I hope your library science classes go great! Good luck!
That is such a lovely video. :) Good luck with class and your blog!
Good luck!!! Librarian is my second choice - I wish I had taken that route sometimes...
Wow, that video must have taken forever to make. It's very awesome, though. Thanks for sharing!

Good luck on your Masters!